Voyager – Misery Is Only Company – Single Review

The Australian prog-rock band Voyager are on the verge of releasing the single Misery Is Only Company.

Voyager - Misery Is Only Company - Single Review


With a return to the punchier sounds of their earlier material Misery Is Only Company equally retains the melodic elements that distinguish the territory of Voyager.

The track spreads its wings calmly around the room before suddenly steeply diving, like a bird of prey hunting, into a foot on the throttle rock track in which the keys are the fulcrum as they slide in and out of focus, whilst setting both rhythm and temper. The drum-kit is given room to explore adding some delightfully crisp power dives. The guitars stretch from supporting act to full-frontal assault whilst vocal drives from headlong battle lines to balladeer.

The bass, as you will know, tends to be my obsession and I haven’t yet mentioned it – which isn’t due to its irrelevance, rather its importance. Whilst Misery Is Only Company allows the remainder of the band to showcase themselves the instrument is the ever present handler ensuring none of the parts forget who is holding the leash, pulling sharp tugs to hold back any wayward ideas that may have been lurking in the minds of those in the spotlight.

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