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Voodoo And The Crypts is a new alt-rock band from England.

Voodoo And The Crypts

Voodoo And The Crypts

It perhaps tells you how long I have been working with music that few ever get to hear when I find myself finding a reference point of a band that only existed for a few years in the underground and thinking this quartet feels like a refreshing shower of what happened six years ago – however that is how I find Voodoo And The Crypts who remind me of Gaoler’s Daughter. With fortune there are readers who have been here since the last decade and will understand the reference point of a band who featured well over thirty times, for those of less connection last featured in 2013.

A song that was released a few hours ago and only the second to appear by Voodoo And The Crypts is the glimmering guitar and fusing bass / percussion five and a tad minute Hawaii which despite the connotations of surf beaches reflects more of the volcanic turbulence that also exists as they take the cheerfulness to a more malevolent level which is in no small part delivered through the superb vocal of Matt Mitchell whose voice it is what reminded me of John Sterry and Gaoler’s Daughter.

I look forward to coming back to Voodoo And The Crypts next year with a full review of the band rather than reflections of music of yesteryear.

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