Voodoo And The Crypts – 1934 – Audio

It has been a few months since the English indie-rock quartet Voodoo And The Crypts were introduced…

Voodoo And The Crypts - photo credit Backwater Channels Photography

Voodoo And The Crypts – photo credit Backwater Channels Photography

… in that time their sound has shifted significantly with a far lighter taper to the output. They seem far more confident in their ability to bring it all together and consequentially allow each element more space in which to play their part and explore ideas of their own within the context of the track, giving their out-put greater flexibility and resilience.

A couple of tracks have surfaced recently – each distinctive in emphasis – one the mid-tempo flowing Breathe – the other – 1934 is more sprightly and the track that is featured.

Glistening guitar struts like an oiled torso parading on the beach whilst thumping bass swaggers its punches as the percussion skips around the room as though the compère whilst vocal, rather than standing pivotal, flows naturally within the textures Voodoo And The Crypts unleash through the speakers.

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