Vivid Riot – Compilation 2 – LP Review

There are a select few promoters whose emails I look forward to receiving and Nick from Vivid Riot is one of those.

Vivid Riot - The Compilation 2

Vivid Riot – The Compilation 2

This is an atypical review for a couple of reasons – it is not released by a band and secondly it is a compilation, which should make it something I don’t review. However the roster on Vivid Riot is so strong, that of the fourteen tracks, there isn’t one band I don’t like.

I don’t intend to either list the bands or the tracks, or even choose a pick of the release, but this article does conclude with a stream of the full LP which came out on the 18th and can be downloaded on bandcamp for free, any donations will find the money heading to a homeless charity over here in the UK.

Ranging from the rakish to electronica, Compilation 2 has something for everyone who enjoys exploring vivacious unsigned bands and having it all in one space will make this an LP you will want to pull out time and again. Some of the bands have already been introduced, those who haven’t, do expect to see thoughts on most of them at some point in the future.

If you are an aspiring band with spirit and integrity, then I do recommend dropping Vivid Riot a note, as they will work as hard on promoting you as you work on your music.

Turn up the speakers and enjoy Compilation 2.

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  1. Just popped onto the blog and very glad I did. This album is a real find and the fact it is free makes it even better. Thanks

    • Steve – don’t forget a few pennies as a donation could help someone on the streets very soon. I am sure Vivid Riot and the bands would be pleased to see you pick up the release for nothing, I equally think all of us would be happier if you dropped a coin in the box, please.

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