Vita Bergen

Vita Bergen is an alt-indie band from Gothenberg in Sweden comprising – William Hellström (Vocals), Robert Jallinder (Bass / Vocals), Bénédicte Piauger (Violin), Andreas Jallinder (Guitar), Gustaf Gunér (Drums), Jakob Kullberg (Keys) and Hampus Bergh (Keys).

Vita Bergen

Vita Bergen

Vita Bergen do not deploy so many musicians to create songs of volume, rather music which has an intoxicating beauty, as they gather those in sight in warm outstretched arms of welcome.

The synths give the sounds a luxurious velvety texture, whilst the violin, which is oft deployed as a mere back-drop, is for me the differentiator as it enables the septet to produce music that has a beguiling ethereal atmosphere, as only bowed instruments are able. The guitars become subsumed in the overall sound creating a depth to the material, with drums generating the energy and the vocal forming the glue for it all.

Whilst the music is intricate in composition Vita Bergen are able to deliver music that settles like a bespoke silk shirt to the audience as the sweetly flowing nectar threads around the brain.

Establishing a loyal audience Vita Bergen is a band to keep an ear out for and their recent début LP Disconnection to follow on from their eponymous EP will, with fortune, gain them greater traction.

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