Vince Grant – My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me – EP Review

Vince Grant is an alt-rock artist from Los Angeles in the USA. Throughout his years he’s suffered from depression but his forthcoming EP My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me proves he is overcoming that hurdle by creating some great music.

Vince Grant - alt-rock from the USA

Vince Grant

I would like to introduce a new writer to the site – Kali who has a particular interest in visual production and I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for taking the time to write the review and look forward to reading her thoughts on other musicians……

Have a listen to his lead single Melancholia.

His willingness to address his battle empowers his music, honestly, my favourite from this album is How Many Times You. It proves that, even if the story of the song is sad, it can relax you and calm your emotions. I believe this is due to Vince’s amazing voice; raw, emotional, yet subtle.

Vince Grant‘s willingness to prevail over his depression is proved by the time and effort he has put in to each track on his album. In his words, “I write songs to cope. I’d like to say I write songs to heal, but that may be asking too much.“. This is why he produces such amazing songs. Although he’s writing to cope, his music has a feel not many artists can emulate.

Thanks Kali.

A late update – My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me was scheduled for release a week or so ago, but there has a been a slight delay and should be appearing this month.

Find out more about Vince and his music. (be aware music starts immediately).

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