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The German synth-wave duo Vimes will release the LP Nights In Limbo on the 12th of February 2016.

Vimes - Kyra


The sound of Vimes has become warmer since their introduction back in 2012, alongside which a third member joins them as drummer when performing live.

Kyra, which is the antepenultimate of the thirteen tracks , slides gently into the room as the billowing clouds take over the spaces in a calmly delivered piece which features an ever expanding and collapsing refrain, giving it a feeling of undulating movement that the listener can feel enrapturing the mind.

Running to over seven minutes, Vimes breaks Kyra into chapters, which makes digestion easier and maintains the focus as  the music wends its way around the head.

Nights in Limbo – VIMES is available on iTunes.*

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