VILLIERS – Nowhere left to run / You’re Not Alone – Single Review

VILLIERS from England we took a look at back in May, have a new double A side single coming out today.

VILLIERS AA Side release


Don your dance robes, filter the lights and only then hit play.

Retaining the tumescence of prior tracks –  VILLIERS allow the audience the time to explore the layers of smoke which drift across the room in Nowhere Left To Run, which reminds of a merger between the architecture of Devo and the angst of Gary Numan, whilst investing a layer of tactile purple velvet glove to caress the ears in a thematic three and half minute homage to film-noire.

You’re Not Alone finds a swifter pace of shadows which flicker across the walls in a melodrama of contrasting chords and temperaments which gives the piece a harsher temperament, leaving the listener with the feeling they are exploring the cavernous space of limestone outcrops in the Bracken Cave whilst fleeting wings, led by radar, skirmish around.

VILLIERS retain the ability to encapsulate imagery with considered reflecting backdrops, making this something to drop into the playlist.

You’re Not Alone/ Nowhere Left To Run – Single – Villiers is available on iTunes.*

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