VILLIERS from the Ribble Valley in England is the alt-rock trio of Dan EarnshawBen Earnshaw and Daniel Buckle.

VILLIERS - alt-rock from England


Sunshine washed blue-thunder clouds roll into the room on hitting play with VILLIERS as their sounds drift into the room. The synths give VILLIERS the time to slow down the pace of tracks, which enables them to add considerable atmosphere to the music, as they make full use of the extended electronic notes to explore the full landscape of the pieces, whilst the percussion forms the edges of the perimeters retaining a forward progression for guitars and the vocal is delivered sympathetically with the constituent parts.

Having undergone significant changes over the past three years of their existence the sound has developed from a raw angst driven new-wave to the current synth pieces. The back history includes three previous EPs, which have given them greater confidence in their ability to write songs. The current evolution of the sound came about around a year ago, when a new soundcloud page appeared (their older sounds can still be heard on their older soundcloud account, with the transition on their reverbnation page)…. to the current sounds….

A new release due out on the 12th June – The Dancer – is the summation of the journey so far and is a smart piece of song-writing and delivery as VILLIERS rightfully stamp a claim for the rationale of their travels so far. Assuming this direction of travel is the path for future discovery, this release,  marks the trio as a band you can expect to hear much more of in short order.

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