Vienna Ditto – Ticks – Audio

The English alt-electro duo Vienna Ditto will be releasing the LP Ticks on the 13th of May.

Vienna Ditto - Ticks

Vienna Ditto

The title track and first of the seven on the album (which is available on bandcamp) has been made available in advance of the release.

Ticks has a lighter pitch than much of the music featured over the past three years with a more jocular bounce, but, that does need to be taken in context with the output of Vienna Ditto as this not a track you will find yourself skipping around the barbecue with a maniacal grin on your face.

Vienna Ditto have introduced some fresh ideas to the music with a less claustrophobic feel, whilst retaining their signature sound and the immediately identifiable voice of Hatty will ensure established followers will find what they recognise, whilst having the opportunity to hear something slightly different.

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