Vienna Ditto – Hammer And A Nail – Single Review

It was back in September 2013 that I first wrote about the avant-garde rock English duo Vienna Ditto. Plans are afoot for a début LP – due on the 4th May. In advance the single Hammer And A Nail.

Vienna Ditto - Hammer And A Nail

Vienna Ditto

Set for release on the 23rd February, with fortune as darkness falls and temperatures drop as I type I found Hammer And A Nail in my in-box.

The track takes a sultry Marriconne twist as a wurlitzer glides around the smoky vocals, beguiling the listener to cuddle up close and enjoy the unctuous oily massage. One is minded of a more subtle version of Déshabillez Moi by Juliette Gréco and how could that not warm up a winters evening?

Having featured the Feeling Good back in June – also planned to be on the album, which remains un-named, what I can be sure of – is – that it will be well worth grabbing hold of with outstretched arms when it does arrive. I am led to believe masters are expected to be completed in the next few weeks and I have been assured of early ears and will certainly let you know my thoughts.

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