Victory Dance – Octuplet – Audio

The US blouse-rock quintet Victory Dance released their début LP The Spectrum on the 1st.

Victory Dance

Victory Dance

Known for my pugilistic intransigence I am often asked how best to approach music journalists to gain best traction and as I always say, no point in asking me as I only write about what I like, so all I need is a link to music, the rest of the words, other than recognising if I have been greeted and waved good-bye flight over my head.

That opening paragraph is particularly pertinent as I am fully aware within minutes of writing this article, I will take another listen and scream as Victory Dance is predominately of gimmick and little substance, however the music met me at precisely the right moment and despite myself I ask you also take a marshmallow moment to get to know Octuplet – the third of the six tracks on the album.


The Spectrum – EP – Victory Dance is available on iTunes.*

For music that surprises us all it is featured join Emerging Indie Bands on Google+.

*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

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