Victories At Sea

Victories at Sea from Birmingham in England is the synth-rock trio of John-Paul (Vocals / Guitar), Steve (Bass / Keys) and Rob (Drums).

Victories At Sea - Synth-rock from England

Victories At Sea

The combinations of strings, natural percussion and electronics which is tipped by a plaintive vocal that gives Victories At Sea a surprisingly organic reflective that fleetingly whirls around the room before disappearing akin to a stream of smoke.

The trio caress the listener with silk gloves that tease the head in gentle touches. Victories At Sea deliver music which has a rhythm that pulsates as by osmosis inside the body and the audience becomes part of the music as it kneads the cortex into reveries of fusion.

Experienced musicians with approaching half a decade together, the progression of Victories At Sea thus far has been somewhat pedestrian. As I have noted many times this past year the use of analogue-synth is an ever more prevalent part of the UK music scene and I can only hope they will find that their training will now allow them the opportunity to maximise on the crest of a wave that currently flows.


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