Vestige is the alt-indie duo from Portsmouth in England of Lewis Brown and Paul Matthews.

Vestige - alt-indie from England


Glittering guitar with a shoegazey feel shimmers across the room whilst a resounding anchor of percussion firmly tethers the music into the ground as a vocal draws the heart out of the material. The compositions are superbly structured and Vestige produce a sound I could happily stay with for some considerable time.

The tracks have a depth and lustre to them which glides easily around the head in a warming flow of sound. These are talented music creators with a fine ear for detail which they can convert to delivery, allowing the audience the opportunity to immerse themselves in some top-notch compositions.

Of good fortune is the fact that the duo have just released their début ten track eponymous release. I am still pondering the concept that there are only two players in the band as Vestige build huge pieces of music, which they deliver with the deft-hand of a five piece out-fit. The only consternation being that these creations won’t transfer to stage with just the two players, so it will be interesting to see if they make the transition from the studio with a permanently expanded line-up.

However it develops, I wish Vestige every success and hope to be able to follow their progress for some considerable time. I raise a glass to their self-evident abilities and thank them for adding much to the world of music.


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