Vast & Harker – Rising Tide – Single Review

Vast & Harker are an English collaborative triphop duo.

Vast & Harker

Vast & Harker

Occasionally working together, the newest single Rising Tide which was released on the 3rd and is available on bandcamp is an almost six and three quarters minutes of expansive electronica, stems, synth and instrumentation that holds the listener steadfast in its multi-textured ambience.

Combining the words of Break, Break, Break by Alfred, Lord Tennyson – it appears I have unwittingly become a literary reviewer in the past few hours with J.D. Salinger pulling out his pen in the previous article – with the eerie vocal and haunting melodies the listener finds themselves sailing, sans trepidation, out to an uncertain future on a deepening swell.

social media page – Harker.

social media page – Vast.

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