Various Hands

Various Hands is a the dance-rock quartet of Jeff Nations (Lead Vocals / Guitar / Omnichord / Percussion), Zach Meier (Guitar / Keys / Backing Vocals / Percussion), Ben Pitts (Drums / Percussion / Sequencing) and Adam Wirth (Bass / Vocals) from St. Louis, Missouri in the USA.

Various Hands - Dance-rock from the USA

Various Hands – Dance-rock from the USA

Of conundrums that shouldn’t work Various Hands is a pivotal point, but they do. The thrubbing drum kit pounds incessantly as bass demands attention whilst pointed shoes whirl around the floor to the electronic metronome as a blistering guitar scatters impromptu interventions to tear up progress – think a square dance gone into multi-time and you are approximating where we toe-tap with the quartet.

No element overstays its welcome, though each adds to the perspective of difference of Various Hands and you have to raise a hat to the spaces that the band is able to stretch between itself and others. I am minded of the lone yacht threading downwind anticipating an undertow and change of wind direction, judging it right and happily passing by the regatta in joyful circumspect.

The musical theorists will tell you this is a car crash waiting to happen, the reality is a sublime journey unconcerned by forecasts. Well worth more than a moment of your time. Thanks to the troupe that is Various Hands for striking your own path and more importantly making it a path that shines brightly.

Of other vagaries of life. My younger sister (eight years older than I, but still referred to as ‘my younger sister’ – I am only 13 – honest guv – never announce a ladies age – they are always 21) runs a jewellery business called Creative Hands and just this past week Various Hands connected with the music twitter account indiebandsblog and I noticed ‘hands’ so took scant notice, thinking it was a random connection of another site, then I find myself again trawling old emails and Various Hands sent me an email back in October and now that square dance is circled.


Hypoluxo – EP – Various Hands is available on iTunes.*

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