Van Oss – Bourbon Pit – Audio

The US angst-folk duo Van Oss released the LP Swimming The Deep End on the 18th.

Van Oss

Van Oss

Whilst predominately deploying acoustic guitar, percussion and whimsical vocal Van Oss is equally able to introduce elements such as pianoforte to contemplate the world as they perceive it with their lens of precluded exclusivity as they gaze forlornly over the velvet ropes of the ‘VIP’ area to an existence for which they have no invitation.

Of some peripatetic pleasure we also find that rather than always lamenting Van Oss also plugin instruments and rail over the bulwarks as demonstrated in the penultimate of the seven tracks – Bourbon Pit.

The duo are able to score points wherever they travel though naturally, as you would anticipate, it is when they are of more confrontational moment I find my preference in Swimming The Deep End (available on bandcamp).

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