Threshing their way out of Chicago in the USA surface Ryan Murphy (Guitar / Vocal), Will Wood (Bass / Vocal) and Josh Lambert (Drums / Vocals) who form the angst-rock band Vamos.

Vamos - angst-rock from the USA


Funnelling between tight syncopation and tune and completely out of kilter Vamos fills the ears with a sense of abandoned tenement buildings as the trio cast scowling visage across the current landscape of societal disquiet.

The meshed sounds seem to echo across steel girders of forlorn echo before emerging into the room, where they giddily bounce their way around the room prior to diving into the brain in invective commentary.

Vamos provide a soundtrack which is best served by speakers turned up full affording the raw energy free reign to vent its spleen to the audience.

Their début LP Spiderbait (which is available on bandcamp) surfaced the day before yesterday and I do suggest giving it a run out in full as by imbibing the full menu degustation the context will clarify to provide context and satiation.

Most certainly a band with much to add to the world of music as they draw influences from iconic acts of previous decades, whilst creating their own space of exploration.


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