Vadot – Nacht Im August – Video

The German melancholic-synth trio Vadot are finalising details for the release of the LP Von Luft Und Likes imminently.

Vadot - photo credit - Gosia Budig

Vadot – photo credit – Gosia Budig

Originally introduced in 2012 and last looked at a year later, Tobi ‘Skeet’ very recently left to pursue other interests and whilst much of material on the album is finished there are one or two final touches resulting in a new member of the band Ozzy (Bass / Synth)- (in the accompanying image from his first performance on stage with Vadot on the 23rd of January) – we shall see how that develops, though equally Tobi may return next year after a break to pursue other avenues.

Perhaps reflective of the developments in Vadot they have chosen as the first song to be revealed from Von Luft Und Likes a track contemplating a mid-life crisis of identity.

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