UnknownArtist – Jump Cut / The Broadcast – Single Review

UnknownArtist is a Greek ambient-electronica creator.

UnknownArtist - photo by achilleas pitsavas

UnknownArtist – photo by achilleas pitsavas

With a prolific output dating back to 2015, sometimes alone, other times in collaboration the latest release, the single  Jump Cut / The Broadcast which came out on the 20th (available on bandcamp) I am pleased to say finally catches up with contact originally made back in January of last year.

UnknownArtist, unlike the project name suggests is far from unknown more locally and  is regularly found on the bigger stages in Greece along with occasional appearances more widely across continental Europe.

Jump Cut / The Broadcast as it says on the tin is a single, lasting approximately five and a third minutes, of two distinct halves with the opening section being a gently undulating flow of subtle waveforms and the closing chapter being of choppier waters.

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