Universal Thee – Aranis Natas – Single review

Universal Thee, from Scotland, have just released their latest single – Aranis Natas.

Universal Thee - Aranis Natas

Universal Thee – Aranis Natas

First reviewed in February of last year, Universal Thee, who also charted at number 17 in the New Year Ninety 2014, have created a song in Aranis Natas which has a darker texture, which gives the band a more alt-rock derived flavour.

A smartly structured bass line opens up the five minute track, setting a mood, with the percussion laying down a pivot point. The guitars are allowed to float in a spectral space, whilst the dual vocals provides further layering to the track.

It will be interesting to see if Aranis Natas marks a transition for Universal Thee towards a darker mood, which is certainly somewhere that they prove to be adept songwriters as testified by this new release.

Aranis Natas – Single – Universal Thee is available on iTunes*.

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