Unity Floors

Unity Floors is the garage rock duo of Gus (Guitars) and Henry (Drums) from Sydney in Australia.

Unity Floors - Garage Rock from Australia

Unity Floors

The understated lo-fi productions drift around the room settling like motes of dust and it takes time for the seemingly innocuous sounds to make sense, however stay with it and the material becomes a fascinating journey of discovery. Seemingly disconnected chord sequences form shapes and the laissez-faire meanderings of vocal and percussion become a coherent and enjoyable ride.

Perhaps a band for musicians as the feeling after a session with Unity Floors is to create some music and that must be something of a testament to the real value which the duo add. Inspiring others to do something is not an easy trick. A new release, the eleven track Exotic Goldfish Blues has just been made available and is an ideal place to get into the mindset that is Unity Floors.

This is best taken when you have free time and can focus, as the sounds are in no-way background listening. As background listening I would suspect it would become an annoying irritant as the growling distortions force the mind to focus.


Exotic Goldfish Blues – Unity Floors is available on iTunes*.

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