United Fruit

United Fruit from Glasgow in Scotland is indie rock quartet of Iskandar Stewart (Vocals / Guitar), Stuart Galbraith (Guitar / Vocals), Marco Panagopoulos (Bass) and Dean Inglis (Drums).

United Fruit - indie rock from Scotland

United Fruit

Not attempting anything to complicate the sound United Fruit concentrate on delivering the essence of the thought processes in an easily ingestible form and this they do with clarity, leaving the listener to revel in the resulting out-put. The two guitars flit between one another as though extending each others chords, whilst bass and percussion stamp out a solidity of progression to which the brain is directed, whilst the vocal spears the core of the material.

Intriguingly there is something US indie about it all as United Fruit eschew the tangents of the local stamping ground to add a distinctly North East Coast USA colouring to the sounds, which marks out some ground for themselves. Tracks are given enough space to deliver their potential, without overstaying their welcome as the quartet have developed the ability to to identify when to make cuts and this skill gives them the accoutrements with which to give the listener music that immediately resonates.

Rumours abound of an LP coming out later this year – when I have more concrete news – I will let you know. This is purported to be on the new LP.


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