UNDO – Hollow Hands – Single Review

The Scottish garage-rock quartet UNDO released a split single with Jutland Songs on the 25th.



Hollow Hands is a mash of malt that soaks into the cask through just over four and a quarter minutes of submerged fusing guitar and an intoxicating reed that you just want to hear more of immediately.

UNDO have a palpable pent-up frustration which they deliver through a gauzy net giving the track as great a sense of burning rage as could be delivered in full blast and the quartet are able to deliver a composition in Hollow Hands which due to the technique far more eloquently enunciates their sense of futility felt in raging against the machine than otherwise achieved, giving them a powerful message which is well worth spending time to hear. The lucid percussion and bass contrasts discretely with the engulfed vocal as the quartet reveal their follow up track to Stop Hiding which surfaced three years ago under their previous iteration Great Cop.

I look forward to reporting more on UNDO in due course, for now you can grab hold of the release on bandcamp.

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