Under Surveillance

Under Surveillance from Charleston – West Virginia – in the USA is the rock quartet of Eve Marcum Atkinson (Vocals), Phil Hatfield (Guitar), Phil Crace (Bass) and Randy Brown (Drums).

Under Surveillance - rock from the USA

Under Surveillance

With a few years under their belt Under Surveillance undertook a vocal change this year which has given an added range to the out-put. Lightly touched guitars play in the upper registers as the quartet deliver a fresh zing to a crowded arena. The tautly tied drum skins give the percussion a bouncing timbre that captures the attention as the bass is given sole responsibility for anchoring the tent, but don’t be fooled, this doesn’t sound lopsided as the band utilises this point of difference to give the music an engaging spring to step.

Under Surveillance produce material that minds of a Sidewinder elegantly skimming across the desert sand in fascinating curves of footprint. Their fleet-footed compositions engage the audience for the very fact of the ease of delivery.

It will be of interest to follow their vocal transition which finds Under Surveillance with a new formula.


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