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The South African garage-rock trio Two Stroke released an eponymous three track single on the 11th.

Two Stroke

Two Stroke

Originally the solo project of Ellenie Eloff and recently evolved to a full line-up this is the first release by Two Stroke as a trio. None of the raw bleeding knuckles of previous work has been lost though by the addition of other players in the creation of the music it does enable a more nuanced sound to emerge from the speakers as each member adds their own technique and interpretation of the songs.

My pick of the Two Stroke single (available on bandcamp) is middle track On Me which has an ’80s new-wave feel to it as ill-tempered drums bounce around the room with pugilistic bass obstinately insisting the track ploughs direct lines from one corner to the other from which emerges a swingeing fuzz-laden guitar that prefer to drill holes in the ceiling while vocals swathe the head in flecks of spittle and it all makes perfect sense as the trio cohesively deliver two and eleven twelfths of a minutes of sublime rock from which all fat has been sliced.

Turn up the volume and dance.

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  1. Great song you guys. Reminds me of my younger days in the 80’s. What did we call it then “sessions”.

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