Two Chords

Two Chords from Tomsk in Russia is the agit-rock quartet of Anton Serov, Denis Ivashkov, Sergey Rokhmanyuk and Dmitry Novikov.

Two Chords - Dead People - artwork

Two Chords – Dead People – artwork

Drawing clear references from US ’00s indie Two Chords are, unlike the plasticity of their influences, able to strike a position of genuine frustration and rage with songs that lament a crumbling structure.

I am minded of many bands I write about from Russia who are able to inject sincerity and realism to the major-label rubbish that emerged from the USA in the ’90’s and 00’s under the PR headline of ‘indie-punk’, that influences their out-put, turn it all on its head and come up with a sound, that whilst still difficult to be endeared by, has much to demonstrate of the continuing stream of bands with much to say about social constructs. Despite what so called ‘rock musicians’ cocooned in major label funding like to pontificate doesn’t exist ‘any-more’, which always sticks in my throat as the vast majority of those lamenting are plastic formulaic performers themselves.

Whilst not music that I will add to my every-day list, Two Chords most definitely reach the mark of a band with much of value to say and I wish them every success for the future and it is a pleasure to introduce them to you.

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