Twenty Dollar Pyramids – Into Her Arms – Audio

The Canadian indie-funk quintet Twenty Dollar Pyramids released their début EP – TDP EP on the 1st.

Twenty Dollar Pyramids

Twenty Dollar Pyramids

Having come to formation earlier in the year Twenty Dollar Pyramids have spent the time honing their stage craft and only after working out how to play the music live have they taken the material to the studio for those of us who are further afield to be able to hear.

With a measured tempo Twenty Dollar Pyramids deliver a sound that invites the listener in to dancing iliac crests intertwined with a partner with hips-grinding and torso swaying. The leisurely pacing allows them to deliver, what is steeped in retro ’70s disco, as beguilingly fresh because the quintet afford themselves plenty of space and time to explore the intricacies of the compositions.

My pick of the release on the five track EP (available on bandcamp) is the middle song – Into Her Arms.

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