Tulane from Sydney in Australia is the alt-folk duo of Nikk Retalic and Nikki Malvar.

Tulane - alt-folk from Australia


Sunday morning is a good day to catch me with calming tunes and I happened upon Tulane in that sweet-spot.

Formed out of chaos of a string of cancelled gigs with another iteration as one of the members was unable to commit the time, rather than a careful selection process. Nikk stepped in to work with Nikki early this year to seek to salvage something out of already penned in appearances. Out of the collision of necessity the duo decided to continue to work together and thus began Tulane.

With only one song to hear – But I Say – which is set for official release on the 22nd of September, there isn’t a great deal I can say about the music, other than recommend you take four minutes out of your day to allow your mind to drift in the luxurious textures of Tulane.

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