The Claudettes – Give It All Up For Good – Audio

The US fusion-blues quartet The Claudettes released the LP DANCE SCANDAL AT THE GYMNASIUM! a few hours ago.

The Claudettes - photo by Jaka Vinsek

The Claudettes – photo by Jaka Vinsek

Unlike the shouty album title this is a dozen track release (available on bandcamp) of welcoming and warm dirty-blues that grinds its way through the speakers filling the room with music that invites the listener to tarry in its company, like an invitation to share a drink in a ramshackle bar offered to a stranger in town –  and long before the first song has run its course the audience feels The Claudettes are long-time travelling companions.

Each song offers something slightly different with the variety of vocals enabling the quartet to shake things up at will, while the various options of piano types and style lays down the template for the compositions as guitar and bass paint the imagery, while percussion plays an understated, though intrinsic, part in developing the atmosphere of the tracks.

My pick of the release being the third track – Give It All Up For Good.


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