Trivial Nonsense – Amor Ni Deseo – Audio

The US alternative-rock oufit Trivial Nonsense released the LP Heaven on the 16th.

Trivial Nonsense

Trivial Nonsense

The nine track album is a not inconsequential body of work, as Trivial Nonsense ponder both thoughts of hopelessness in a society that is intent on splintering in to silos of righteousness along with an optimism that the mistakes of the recent past can ultimately be rectified resulting in a more inclusive cohesion.

The roughly twenty two minutes release comprises of thoughtful measured tracks that have a natural flow from one to the other, giving Heaven an organic, breathing embodiment which during its journey brings in connectivity of influences from different continents – my selection from the LP being the latina-rock threaded  fourth – Amor Ni Deseo.


Heaven EP – Trivial Nonsense is available on iTunes.*

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