Trivia from Osijek in Croatia is the alt-indie trio of Aleksandar Pešić (Guitar / Vocals), Dinko Mehmedović (Bass) and Borna Marjanović (Drums).

Trivia - photo credit John Wayne

Trivia – photo credit John Wayne

Relatively newly formed, Trivia have a sound that immediately has you grinning from ear to ear as the guitar swings into action. A sharp percussion is teamed with a billowing bass as the vocal reaches out from the speakers to grab you by the throat.

There is a tempered energy which wells up through the tracks and the ensuing cauldron of frustration fixates the listener. The exploratory six string is given room to develop the concepts within the pieces and adds a strong layer to the overall out-put as Trivia appear to have a wide dynamic range and the ability to deliver their ideas musically and it will be interesting to hear how the band develops.

An early EP – Burden (which is available on bandcamp) – gives a good insight to the scope of Trivia within the five tracks on the release and they are already thinking about their first LP.

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