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The US experimental-drone creator Tristan Welch releases the three track single Lights (A) on the 15th.

Tristan Welch - photo credit Stephen Palke

Tristan Welch – photo credit Stephen Palke

If you are in a hurry best to delay ensuing appointments, prior to hitting play, as Tristan Welch extends the ticking of the second hand.

Guitar is fed through loops and synthesised resulting in extended ambient textures that gently caress the walls until – disfigured distortion suddenly raises its head and the tracks descend into ravenous industrialisation that disintegrates the plaster.

Set in the key of A – Lights (A) perhaps prefaces of future material threading through chord structures, which to my ears would be a welcome addition to the catalogue and given than single tracks in the keys of C and D have already been released (available on bandcamp) not necessarily an improbable concept.

The middle of the two tracks – White Movement is the briefest, running at a shade under eight and three quarter minutes on the approaching half an hour, single.

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