Tripwires from Reading in England is the psychedelic shoegaze quartet of Rhys, Joe, Ben and Sam Millionaire.

Tripwires - psychedelic shoegaze from England


As Tripwires mesmerically stream into the room, the listener has their mind expanded to capture the quantum of sounds which emerge. With a plethora of influences the quartet have tamed the tigers to provide the audience with music to unfurl their brain.

Whilst the tracks bustle with activity, it is almost as though the sounds are played in slow-motion, which gives the ears something of a sensory illusion, developing perceptible changes in the thinking processes as the tracks develop.  Whilst individual pieces are not overly long, the mind becomes so involved in the events occurring, that time stands still and much like a dream that only lasts a split second, the receiver is given the impression they have been hypnotised for many an hour.

Tripwires produce a sound that leaves the brain needing time to rebalance itself and is probably best not taken just before an important meeting, else others will get the impression you are tripping out. Any-time you are after some escapism, then the quartet is definitely to be added to the playlist.


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