From Myrtle Beach in the USA the instrumental-psychedelic-gaze creator Trey McManus who performs under the name Treyverb.

Treyverb - A Year Without Words - artwork

Treyverb – A Year Without Words – artwork

Glittering guitars subsume themselves inside folds of reverberation giving the listener the sense they are bobbing inside the ripples sent out by a pebble dropped into a mill-pond and listening to the quiet disturbance. Treybveb couches the instrumentation inside reflections of itself giving the sounds a multi-dimensional perspective in which the audience is invited to oscillate like a free-radical element and each play through of the music conjurers up new kaleidoscopes of sound.

The palettes are of primary colours, yet Treyverb is able to take the mind on a journey of multitudinousness pastel shades as the interweaving melodies circulate inside themselves, leaving the mind transfixed by the hues.

An experienced musician Trey is able to translate that knowledge to tapestries which enunciate of the settling of inner turmoil which, despite the sparsity of complexity, are able to inflect of emotional turbulence.

Treyverb has the ability to transfer auditory minimalism to create a sound which is a tour de force of projectionist sublimation as the mind wraps itself into a Gordinian Knot of self-exploration.

Released this month was the four track – twenty six and a just over a third minutes EP A Year Without Words, which is available through Silber Media on Bandcamp.

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