Trevor And The Joneses

Trevor And The Joneses is a rock band from Las Vegas in the USA comprising Trevor Jones (Vocal / Guitar), Chris Montijo (Drums), Dale Gilbert (Bass) and Joe Lawless (Guitar).

Trevor And The Joneses - rock from the USA

Trevor And The Joneses

Hammering tongs announce the arrival of Trevor And The Joneses. High energy soft drinks seem more like sleeping draughts on taking a listen to the quartet who deliver their sharply defined music, which, even on down-tempo kick the shins with the deep registers of bass and percussion forming the precursor to their sound.

Blending in a variety of influences there is a slightly psychedelic feel to the material, which seems somewhat at odds to the comments of infusions of energy that the band inject into the audience, but the echoing guitars in these instances form a focus for attention rather than a backdrop for hallucination as Trevor And The Joneses keep the moments driving forward, even in more acoustic led tracks which extend as far as 9 and a half minutes.

To my mind their abilities are best showcased when they turn up the pace and stack the notes more densely as it is here that they sound the most coherent and impressive.

With a couple of years behind them and one LP – the ten track There Was Lightening – which came out just over a year ago, I look forward to Trevor And The Joneses releasing some new sounds during 2014.


There Was Lightning – Trevor and the Joneses is available on iTunes*.

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