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The US delta-steel project Tracy Bryant releases the LP Subterranean on the 19th of February.

Tracy Bryant - Subterranean - Vinyl test pressing

Tracy Bryant – Subterranean – Vinyl test pressing

To surface in the past few hours – The Gun – which will be on Subterranean.

Turn up the bass and tweeters to allow the wide pitches to swallow the room in a drum beat that I would be happy to die listening to as a lap-steel singularly and remorselessly winds up like an elastic band before emitting its archers bows of high pitch, whilst an unremitting vocal, akin to a grave-digger – unceremoniously throws aside the mud.

There is something intangibly enveloping about The Gun which marks this out as perhaps one of the best tracks to surface for many a long while. Given that The Gun is far away from my preference of musical style and as regular readers know I do tend to suppress ‘hype’, this paragraph is not a throw-away reflection, rather something that you will find, but, only every few years articulated on the various websites in summarising a track.

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