Toto Boroto

Toto Boroto is the lo-fi psychedelic project of Efrem Angela, born in Aruba in 1990 who moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 2009. After some punk bands, he found himself a permanent place in the bands The Sasters and Nancy Acid. Under the name Gypsy Lemm, he created little projects and last year one of these projects popped out as Toto Boroto.

Toto Boroto

Toto Boroto

With thanks to Sarah Gommers for this introduction.

I discovered this band via the five track EP Lama which is available on bandcamp. Especially the second song Albino got my attention. It’s a typically lo-fi sound with some easy chords and riffs, but… there is chemistry in the air.

Toto Boroto creates simple songs with a special atmosphere. Like the last song Blue Sunday, it has a bluesy riff as an underlying driver, looping during the track. On top of that, there are these strange high diatonic sounds.

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