Torn Beloved

Torn Beloved from Ottawa in Canada is the rock band of Josee Martel (Vocal / Rhythm Guitar), Joel Falardeau (Bass / Backing Vocal), Greg Hanson (Drums) and Chad Spaz (Lead Guitar / Backing Vocal).

Torn Beloved - rock from Canada

Torn Beloved

A melancholic noir feel to the sounds of Torn Beloved is exacerbated by the wide spaces between notes hitting the ears, which gives the feeling of moss creeping up the shaded side of old gravestones. The dark and moody textures enable to quartet to provide the audience with a sensory exploration of deep purple hues, without it becoming overtly gothic. I just had to turn up the heating as I write such is the chill that exudes around the room.

Intelligently written songs give evidence to the groundwork that Torn Beloved have laid over the past three years as they deliver appropriately spaced and textured compositions, which enhance the atmosphere created. The music inveigles itself into the bloodstream, coursing washes of coolant to feed round the body.

Having focussed much of their energy in honing their live performance, it wasn’t until September 2013 that they released their eponymous debut LP and I hope that they are now able to spread their time more evenly between recording and live performance to enable those of us not in the local environs to shiver in pleasure to more songs, particularly, given that the recorded music oft uses judicious amounts of bowed viola and piano to add further to the mood.


Torn Beloved – Torn Beloved is available on iTunes*.

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