Tongue Numbers

The trio of Jack Cawthorne (Guitar / Vocals), Tom Waters (Bass) and Sebastian Lenehan (Drums) from Melbourne in Australia form the grunge band Tongue Numbers.

Tongue Numbers - photo credit Lucy Serret

Tongue Numbers – photo credit Lucy Serret

Akin to their name-sake on taking a listen the audience is left with trails of saliva which snake around the body as the luscious sounds of Tongue Numbers caress the prostrate gland leaving the body shaking in warming undulations of satiation.

The gooey sludges of the trio spread around the room in resonating textures of cloying clay in to which the brain can immerse in slow connectivity. The languorous steps of bass trudge around the ears in gloomy perspective, whilst the snippy percussion slides betwixt forming earthy bubbles and streaming cymbals which crash into each other as the guitar stirs the pot together and the vocal plays the part of the hubble and bubble of the three witches in Shakespeare’s – Hamlet.

Having been around for more than five minutes and a couple of releases behind them Tongue Numbers have become ever more confident in their sound as the material has sunk deeper and deeper into the quicksand, a space in which they excel, I look forward to hearing much more from them in short order.

From the EP Sediment Amphetament available on bandcampWanderer.

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