Tin Can Telescope – Just Another Day Of (Pack)aging – Single Review

Tin Can Telescope, the Danish garage-rock quartet, revealed the single Just Another Day Of (Pack)aging a few hours ago.

Tin Can Telescope - photo by Jakob Villumsen

Tin Can Telescope – photo by Jakob Villumsen

Just Another Day Of (Pack)aging is their most ambitious track and showcases a band who are unafraid to try out new ideas – most importantly the new ideas Tin Can Telescope try often seem to result in their best work to date – this being no exception as the bristling energy of their earlier work is retained, whilst the layering of the track and its duration of a tad under seven minutes, allows them to explore more fully the contexts of the song and the end result evidencing of a quartet who have the potential of much more to offer the world of music and I look forward to continuing to follow their development.

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