Tim Woodbridge – Who You Are – Single Review

The English retro-rock creator Tim Woodbridge from England releases the single Who You Are on the 19th of October.

Tim Woodbridge - Who You Are - artwork

Tim Woodbridge – Who You Are – artwork

There is a warming connectivity between Who You Are and the listener as notes and vocals bow towards the ears akin to a sunflower tracking the warming star. It is easy for the audience to envisage they are in a time-capsule heading towards the era of flower power as the track drifts though the ears.

Whilst there is much to enjoy, in the just under three and three quarter composition, of particular reference are the analogue synth and extending bending of notes towards the end of phrases that particularly captivate. Despite the retrospective nature of the techniques Tim Woodbridge does not leave a taste that this has been a pastiche of what has come before, rather an update on ‘that was then’, with ‘this is now’.


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