Tim Fitz – Sour – Single Review

Tim Fitz from Australia is gearing up for the release of a new EP, his third,  later this year.

Tim Fitz - Sour - artwork

Tim Fitz – Sour – artwork

Launching on the 24th is a new single Sour. An easy combination of natural and synthetic notes drifts around the room as the vocal listlessly casts an acerbic perspective of the world around.

Tim Fitz is able to turn what is only a two and a half-minute track into a melange of well reflected shifts. Travelling through reminders of Kraftwerk, to Dylan, with a range on styles in-between, whilst maintaining a continuity of well paced fluidity to the piece.

The end result being that you want to play it again immediately to enjoy the variations and just to check you didn’t miss anything, which you will have done.

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