Those Of Willow – Memoir – Audio

The US progressive-acoustic duo Those Of Willow released the LP For When I Relapse earlier this month.

Those Of Willow

Those Of Willow

The soft pillows of sound brush through the room akin to a light breeze as the gentle flows of instrumentation drift quietly in to the ears. Yet, despite the unobtrusiveness of it all, the listener finds themselves hooked on the unhurried and pastel shaded sounds.

The approximately forty minute dozen track album (available on bandcamp) requests that the audience put away the freneticism of the day and is best heard in completeness as Those Of Willow take the audience through a sound-track of understated complexity and logarithmic curvature in which to rest the mind.

My pick of the release is the fifth track – Memoir – which after a quarter of an hour of instrumentation on the preceding four tracks suddenly spills voice which, as suddenly as it appears, disappears – never to surface again through remaining seven numbers on For When I Relapse.

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