Surfacing from Barnaul in Russia you will find the ambient-drone project of Evgeny Zheyda performing under the name Thorn1.

Thorn1 - ambient-drone from Russia


The music drifts around the room as though carried on thermal currents as Thorn1 unifies ambient electronica, shoegaze and drone into a fusion that delights the aural palate confirming that the physiology of interweaving senses is not a flight of fantasy.

The material reflects of both the Steppes of Siberia and the buttress of the Altai mountains as the compositions thread from wide open landscape to a sense of rugged envelopment with the thread of electronic expansion being shrouded in a dark forbearance which eclipses the unseen horizons.

Whilst, as regular readers will well know, I always enjoy music which rails against the status quo, I equally enjoy musicians who in their out-put reflect of their local geographia and I inevitably find those of Siberia, Northern Scandinavia and The Andes best capture the landscape which shaped their emotional development. It is no surprise, therefore, that Thorn1 is able to take the listener, from wherever they may live, to describe and transport them to the local surroundings of Barnaul.

The most recent LP by Thorn1 – the Leave Of Leaves is available through the inimitable label Silber Records, whose releases regularly feature, on bandcamp.

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