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thing is a psychedelic quartet from England I will get back to when there is more to hear.



Apologies to one and all for the delay in coming to this, as it has been languishing in my inbox since the 2nd.

For now, the one song available to stream by the quartet is the dreamy loquaciousness of carousel a track that for no reason I can fathom finds me reminded of the smell of liquorice and rather than concentrating on the music I am hunting for a packet of Bassets Liquorice Allsorts, I know I have sequestrated somewhere in a cupboard, such is the  languid acid drips that inveigle into the veins.

thing is able to condense a forty minute Hawkwind expostulation, without loosing a moment of time, into a condensed carton of less than than three and a half-minutes as the quartet stretch the seconds to unfathomable lengths. Blousey guitar puffers from the speakers as the drum-kit spirals round the room and the stoical bass seeks to maintain a foothold on terra firma only to be lofted into the air as the flowered vocal sweeps through the ears.

I have much reason to anticipate the need to stock up on liquorice torpedoes before I am able to dwell with the quartet to let you know of further developments and I am already in pursuit of supplies, whilst hoping it doesn’t take too long before I can tell you more.

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