They Invented Nebraska

They Invented Nebraska is Kevin Francis (Guitar / Vocals / Bass) and Bernt René (Drums / Vocals) who make up the Garage rock band from Halle in Belgium.

They Invented Nebraska - garage rock from Belgium

They Invented Nebraska

Perhaps it is the very nature of stripping away all the frippery, but I find myself thinking of some decadent Roman banquet when I listen to They Invented Nebraska. Sluggish sounds ease their way into the room in a swagger and the listener is showered with largesse of fuzz and haze, this is music in which to indulge the senses as it does, very simply, everything that music needs to achieve.

The duo have been able to take references from festivals of the ’60s and strip it back to its essential core elements, cover it in a layer of tie-dyed velvet and throw out something that captivates the ears. The compositions themselves are straightforward, it is the way that they have been able to add a sense of mystery through the format of delivery that They Invented Nebraska is able to add considerable value to the world of music.

Whether the format of just the two players would transform to live performance I am not certain as two forms of guitar are consistently deployed and with only two players that just isn’t possible on stage. Only eighteen months old and already with a couple of EPs behind them, perhaps that is of less import to They Invented Nebraska.

I look forward to finding out how things develop for the band over the coming months.


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