Theory Of Youth

Holy (Vocals / Guitar) and Thomas (Bass / Vocals) from Paris in France along with a drum machine and programming combine to form the angst-rock band Theory Of Youth.

Theory Of Youth - angst-rock from France

Theory Of Youth

Like raising a bonnet on a car to look at a frozen metal engine on a Siberian winters day Theory Of Youth do not seek to make easy bedfellows with their discordant threshing rock. However, investigate a little further and you will find a sense of opprobrium that is not slanted to the listener but to the edifices of a world of indifference.

Contemplating of the shards of glass hurled towards the 99% Theory Of Youth espouse of a sense of isolationist desperation as the music shears through the listeners ears in a threshing mill of hopelessness.

The angular panic-stricken discordance evokes of a life without self-determination, only industrial manipulation as the barbed wire of confinement pierces the skin of tentative approach. This is music that will either find you running headlong into the thorns and enjoying every barb or turning back in despair and Theory Of Youth rightly make no apology for their bristled spine.

With a couple of releases behind them, the most recent El País De Las Maravillas an eleven track LP which came out on the 18th (available on bandcamp). Much as I would wish to believe this will fish them greater exposure, I fear it will merely find Theory Of Youth with a more concentrated audience. By the fact that you take the time to read the site, I am hopeful you too will appreciate their endeavours.

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