TheMisanthropists from London in England is the psychedelic-blues trio of Louie Boffa ( Vocals), Marc Aster (Guitar / Vocals) and Omar Lacchinni (Drums / Bass).

Themisanthropists - psychedelic-blues from England


Themisanthropists (no that isn’t a typo of a no gap betwixt two words) combine 1920’s blues, with 70’s UK Blues Rock and ’60s Psychedelia to excavate grounds of enticing formulation. The trio offer a journey which takes in schedules of time-capsules and are able to convert it to a coherence for the ’10s as they configure blasé guitar with a percussion that harries alongside mushrooming clouds of echo and delay, which scrobble along the floor gathering mass like a snowflake tumbling down a mountainside.

There is a consuming fecundity of progressions as Themisanthopists blend the various ingredients into a homogeneous wonderment for the ears, which is best taken laying down with blue lights glowing in the room. The eight and twelve bar constructs are filled with expansive wafts of wide frequency that slow the pieces to spiralling kaleidoscopes of colour as the music loops itself – inside itself.

Themisanthropists have much to say and their début LP City Of Tales will hopefully gain them, wider traction.

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