Thee Open Sex

From Bloomington in the USA emerge Miss Mess, John DawsonTyler DamonMike Anderson and Will Staler who coalesce to the stoner rock band Thee Open Sex.

Thee Open Sex - garage rock from the USA

Thee Open Sex

Pouring out the material, in the same vein as a bootlegger distils potato skins, Thee Open Sex deliver sounds of cloud which billow to the ceiling prior to descending on the audience.

Ever obfuscated behind claudication, nonetheless the ears capture the evocations. The simple structures are embellished with fractures which demand investigation as the quintet provide a sound-track of ever eviscerating profundity. Thee Open Sex are not seeking to repurpose fire, rather to add the the embers, which they achieve admirably with songs that excoriate the white hot logs in searing tracks which singe the ears.

Whilst striking the heart of the listener with vaguely directed darts, equally Thee Open Sex proffer a helping hand as their material swhirls in an ever unreachable tangents. I am somehow reminded of the legend of Excalibur, the more I listen, the more I hear an aural composite of The Lady Of The Lake.

I look forward to hearing an update to their eponymous seven track release of a year ago.


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